Why Greeting Cards are Important in Business? Complete Guide 2022

Sending greeting cards is an effective way for a business to satisfy and maintain customers.

Cards create a strong relationship with employees which results in higher efficiency and can communicate in writing that you care about your customers which can lead to additional sales.

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Business greeting cards can be used as follow-ups to visits, meetings, referrals, important dates, and holidays.

Design Tips for Business Greeting Cards

Business greeting cards can be sent to thank an associate when they have been helpful or just routinely to clients and associates on holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

Sending these cards will help you form stronger relationships with them and they will remember you the next time they need a service or product that you offer.

Here are some tips for designing business greeting cards that leave a lasting impression:

Greeting cards are a great way to say thank you to associates. Try to think of a creative message for your greeting card that will be remembered.

Try and keep your personal notes short and sweet. Try and limit your greeting to 20 words. This will keep the card from looking cluttered.

Keep your card conversational. It’s a form of communication and should sound like a person speaking. Additionally, greeting cards are a great medium to show off your sense of humor.

Try to be specific and don’t avoid details when appropriate. Instead of simply saying ” Thank you for your kindness” tell them exactly what you are thanking them for.

Try and avoid extraneous cross-outs. If you don’t have a good idea of what you want to say, start by writing a rough draft then copy it onto the card.

Making Effective Use of Business Greeting Cards

The business greeting cards that make the biggest impact are the unexpected ones and the ones that are remembered the most are the ones unsent!

Tell your clients or customers…

  • you heard they’re making some changes…best of luck!
  • you saw the newspaper article about their company
  • you’re sorry there was a problem with a product/service
  • you thought about them as you were going through your files, or ran into a colleague
  • you’d like to follow up on a meeting or conversation with an answer…or a thank you…or a reminder…or a brilliant idea you had
  • you’ve got a terrific new product or service that you know will make their lives easier
  • you moved…or got a new e-mail address…or revamped your Web site
  • you hope they’re happy with a purchase, an order, or your services
  • you value their feedback.

Let your colleagues, co-workers, or employees know…

  • it’s been too long since you worked together…or played golf…or had lunch
  • you’re happy to listen if they need to vent…or share…or brainstorm
  • you like their ideas
  • they’re important to the company and to you
  • all that hard work is going to pay off you promise
  • you’re glad they’re back from vacation…or sick leave…or maternity/paternity leave
  • you notice they’re doing a great job of tackling performance review issues…or a tough project…or working with a challenging client
  • you wish them a happy Wednesday (or any other day)
  • you know they’re going through a tough personal situation, and you’re there if they need you

Congratulate someone for…

  • finishing a complex project
  • passing a certification exam
  • getting a great performance review
  • a promotion
  • a move to a new location
  • an accomplishment in the community
  • winning an award
  • snagging a big account

Say “thanks” for…

  • an order, a purchase…or just a visit
  • choosing you or your company
  • advice
  • a referral
  • dedication and loyalty
  • support
  • feedback
  • a positive attitude
  • follow-through
  • the opportunity
  • inspiration
  • time
  • patience
  • a great discussion
  • going above and beyond the call of duty