Hannspree HANNSpad 13.3” TITAN 2 Android tablet computer

Hannspree HANNSpad

Arriving slightly late to the party, the HANNSpad 13.3” TITAN 2 is tablet computer running the Android operating system.

The latest version is operational with Android 5.1 and above that is already out of date and designed for phones, not tablets.

The company has applied a special ‘skin’ on top of the operating system to make it more suitable for the tablet form but, while it looked good, the skin served only to block access to features.

The fundamental point of tablet computers is the touch-sensitive screen, but the Hannspad’s touchscreen was very poor.

In fact, it was one of the worst we’ve seen and, at times, was totally unresponsive. Even when it worked it required several taps before it was able to register what we’d pressed.

The poor touchscreen here is akin to a laptop with a broken keyboard.

Even when the touchscreen did work, it didn’t look very good, which is a surprise given that Hannspree is known as a monitor manufacturer.

It’s a widescreen display but quality was poor and the viewing angle very limited.

Like a lot of cheap tablets we’ve looked at, the computer’s screen reflected everything around it, which made it hard to use in well-lit rooms or sunshine.

The customised version of Android that’s been put on the Hannspad limits its functionality dramatically.

As well as being a bit slow, it doesn’t include access to the Android Market for downloading apps, as it doesn’t meet the market’s hardware requirements.

Instead, there is a rather sparsely populated App Centre.

The apps that came pre-installed on the tablet were decent enough, covering all the usual areas: weather, clock, internet, email, calendar, music, photos and video.

While they’ve been customised for use on a tablet, we didn’t think they were as good as the standard Android apps available on other models.

The lack of a camera is also a strange oversight, although it does have an HDMI socket for displaying video on a flat-panel TV.

The Hannspree HANNSpad 13.3” TITAN 2 is very cheap compared with other models, but you get what you pay for and this model fails to get the basics right. With the poor screen, lack of apps and out-of-date operating system, it’s hard to recommend.

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